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Support Dansel

The voters of Legislative District 7, for the second year in a row, will select a state senator in November. Just last November, Brian Dansel was elected by district voters to represent them in Olympia. His opponent has stated that he will bring change. Is this a realistic statement? Does anyone really believe one senator is going to change Olympia?

Remember, change can be both good and bad. Dansel has presented clear and workable ideas to improve citizens’ ability to participate in the legislative process. His opponent only offers change.

I have worked alongside Dansel as a county commissioner. I know he is realistic about the challenges the position of senator presents. Dansel has visited hundreds of residents to acquire input from citizens on what their concerns are, and how he can help.

Dansel is both hard-working and honest, and will do everything possible to achieve your objective. Dansel knows what it takes to achieve Eastern Washington goals while working with Western Washington colleagues. Dansel has learned that compromise will achieve much more than conflict, and is a master at negotiating reasonable arguments.

We urge you to return Sen. Dansel to Olympia. You will be glad you did when the legislative session begins in January, and ends on schedule without an expensive extended session.

Robert Heath

Inchelium, Wash.


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