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Why vote for Ozzie?

A couple years ago, someone smashed a window in my truck and got my wallet, a small sum of money, and my credit cards. As I canceled the cards, I was told where they were being used. All the stores had surveillance cameras.

I filed a claim with Crime Check and was told someone would look into it. I called the stores and found out that they would be able to ID the card user. Nothing happened. Not one follow-up call. Nothing.

I was broken into again recently. They got a number of CDs and the vehicle owner’s manual. Again, I called Crime Check. Again, I got a file number. And, again, I got no help or resolution.

I was informed that the victim must check the pawn shops and online because law enforcement won’t do that. I see Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich wants my vote again. My question now is: What have you ever done for me?

Bob Baker



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