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The power of flowers

Yesterday when leaving work a couple of young people holding flowers were at the corner of Post Street and Spokane Falls Boulevard. As I crossed the street, I automatically prepared myself to refuse the panhandling or request to buy something. Rather, as I stepped onto the sidewalk one of them approached, offered me a stem of white freesia – I love freesia – and simply said, “Have a great day, ma’am.” I managed a surprised thank you and continued my journey.

Attached to the flower by a white ribbon was an index card, folded over. In hand printed letters it stated “The Power of Flowers” and inside the simple phrase “Never doubt yourself.” What a beautiful way to end my work day. What a day brightener!

I immediately felt ashamed of my first reaction expecting them to want something from me, rather they wanted to give something to me. I cannot tell you how much the simple gesture meant to me.

Thank you whoever you are. You made my day!

Wanda Clark


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