June 7, 2014 in Letters, Opinion

Spokane VA is great


I’m a Vietnam veteran. I’ve been using the Veterans Administration hospital for about 10 years. In my opinion, they set the standard for health care in Spokane.

In 10 years, I have never (and I mean never) waited longer than five minutes after my appointment time to see the nurse, then the doctor. If an X-ray is recommended, by the time I arrive at X-ray, on the same day, the request has been transmitted by computer and they are ready.

Four years ago, I needed an MRI and was scheduled within two weeks at a private hospital at VA expense. I needed another earlier this year and was scheduled in a week at the VA hospital’s new unit. I needed carpal tunnel surgery two months ago and was scheduled in three weeks. The hand is doing great.

Do they cancel appointments? Yes. When a doctor leaves the system, what do you expect? While I also have private care options, I will choose the VA as my first choice.

Last item: Check-in at the VA is on a computer terminal; no need to stand in line. There may be problems in Phoenix or elsewhere, but not in Spokane.

John Miller

Spokane Valley

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