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Enhance intersections

I disagree with the ideas reported in the newspaper for disbursement of the extra red light money. The original purpose is clear. I agreed with the cameras being installed. In the past year, the city has installed a number of new lights that, when the walk sign ends, segues to a flashing series of numbers showing motorists how many seconds are left to clear the intersection. This great traffic light does more to prevent inadvertent red light running than the cameras ever could.

Spokane City Councilman Steve Salvatori’s comment that “this is just a cleanup” is an insult to the public. He may need a course in remedial reading. Giving this extra money to the police is just another way that some council members use to buy public-sector votes, in my opinion.

The best way to promote safety regarding red lights is giving the driving public the most advanced visual information that they can get. These new signals do that. They should be installed at all traffic lights in the city to help the driver, before the council dreams up one more way to spend the money.

Anyone who agrees should contact their council representative.

Jack Thompson


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