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Mon., March 24, 2014, midnight

Media just speculating

I am really amazed at all the misleading media hype about the missing airliner from Malaysia. They have no facts whatsoever, but that does not stop rampant speculation from so-called experts about what happened. That must be really comforting to relatives of the passengers on that plane.

CNN has nonstop coverage, and almost all of it is total speculation or misleading at best. Must be ratings. One would think the media would at least wait until they have verifiable facts before reporting nonstop with meaningless and misleading data.

How can so-called responsible media continue to speculate with no facts? I have heard several of the gasbags say, “Here is what we know and here is what we don’t know.” In my opinion, what they know is nothing and what they don’t know is everything. I would think you should leave the speculation to the Internet, which is probably more credible.

Wayne Lythgoe


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