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Clarifying auto insurance

Julia Mullen (March 24) complains, quite correctly, about uninsured motorists and their effect on the law-abiding public that drive with the proper coverage. However, there is one sentence in her letter that caused me concern.

She states, “That’s when you learn the uninsured motorist coverage you pay for isn’t for when they hit you, but when you hit them.” This simply is not true. Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is designed to help you pay for bills associated with a crash that was caused by another person who either doesn’t have an auto insurance policy or has a policy with liability limits that are too low to cover costs associated with a covered loss.

Unless there is more to this situation than she is telling us (i.e. who caused the accident?), I think she should check again to make sure her company isn’t trying to get out of their responsibility.

Phil Bergin



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