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Wed., May 14, 2014, midnight

Praise for Shea

Does it really matter what a candidate or elected official did in the past, or does on their own time or personal life? No. What matters is what they can do “for the people” or what they have done for us while in office. Everything else is just “news,” interesting but just news.

An elected official should enact laws and regulations and spend our tax dollars based on facts and the will of the people. not based on their opinion or statistics. This is what America is based on, the truth and power of the people. Many of our current legislators follow that code.

Rep. Matt Shea, with his “freedom agenda,” is one of those. He has proven that his agenda of less government, less taxes, more freedom, is his guideline. He promotes states rights. He has worked diligently for the people and fought against raising taxes, and for less government control and more freedom. Isn’t that what is important to us?

Shea is an excellent legislator, representing the people. His record is proof of that. He supports our veterans and is a true patriot. Keep America ours and retain Matt Shea and our other legislators that follow the principles established by our founding fathers.

As for Doug Clark, he could find fault with George Washington.

Steve Puccio


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