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Confusing health advice

A guy goes to his doctor with the complaint that it hurts when he hits himself on the head with a hammer. The doc recommends that the dummy stop hitting himself on the head with a hammer, right? Wrong!

That would make too much sense; besides, it would deprive the kook of the “high” it gives him to hit his head with a hammer.

“Gonorrhea on the rise in North Idaho,” reads the headline of an Aug. 26 article, especially for those ages 20-29. The Panhandle Health District advises “sexually active individuals” to be screened at least once a year. But, “those with multiple or anonymous partners should be screened more frequently”, health officials said.

So, the aforementioned doctor suggests that the head hitter wear a helmet and continue the head conking, and the Panhandle Health Officials, in effect, give their OK to immoral sexual activity — just be certain condoms are used and “screening” is frequent. Sounds kinda like the advice unplanned-parenthood would give.

Ken Campbell

Deer Park


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