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Weeds instead of green space

Yes, we are the Lilac City. We can be proud of Manito Park, Riverfront Park, Finch Arboretum and bits and pieces of other areas.

My issue is with the lack of maintenance of the street islands and different swale areas. For example, fairly newly done Indian from Ruby, east to Perry. Also Northwest Boulevard west from Monroe, plus Second Avenue at Hamilton onramp (roses and weeds). Some are overplanted and becoming but weed patches. Why plant them if they aren’t going to be maintained?

Business and restaurants take care of their grounds as much as possible. It is a reflection of what one envisions your services to be. Unkempt and littered doesn’t invite me into to have a meal or trust in your service.

I have called and the response always seems to be, “We don’t have enough staff.” I would rather see cement work, beautiful rocks or art work when possible rather than weeds, which spread to businesses, open lots and homes.

What is the answer? Make dandelion wine?

Rayna Walker



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