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Automatic Paygo Act

Rep. McMorris Rodgers, in her Dec. 18 letter to constituents, stated opponents “claim our (tax) bill will trigger automatic (Medicare and Social Security) spending cuts under the statutory PAYGO Act … while we cannot exclude programs from automatic spending cuts directly in the tax bill due to complicated budget reconciliation rules, we will work to fix this after passage.”

By these her own words, she flat-out states the tax scam will lead to automatic Medicare and Social Security cuts; and yet she somehow expects that with Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell salivating to cut our promised Social Security and Medicare benefits we should trust that she and the Republican leadership will actually do anything “to fix this.”

Please, Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers, don’t insult our intelligence. This duplicitous doublespeak and hypocrisy do not become the office of a U.S. congresswoman, but it has become a hallmark of the party.

Robert Kerr



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