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State taxing loop holes

Can Washington please stop coming up with more ways to raise our taxes? Latest vehicle registration: still $30 for registration but now another $50 for a “weight fee,” plus other fees. Kinda blew that initiative out of the water, eh? Then, if they can’t get what they want in property taxes due to a different initiative, they simply reassess your property value. Taxes raised $29/month just the other day. They say they’re now taxing manufactured homes like they do regular stick-builds. My property assessment went up about $31K overnight! Can these people guarantee that I can sell for what I’m being assessed at? I’m gonna die here.

Can the city and county stop coming up with new ways to spend money until we have a chance to catch up with what we’ve already indebted ourselves for? As a senior citizen in the county, I don’t really give a rip about screwing up something in town that is already working fine (Monroe for one).

They’re going to get what the special-interest folks want. Fellow plebeians, it’s time to give these tax writers a big slap upside the head. Our state’s exorbitant taxing reputation is only getting worse. Where’s Tim Eyman?

Larry Wheat



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