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Edward Humes "Total Garbage"

Our big environmental challenges – climate, energy, plastic pollution, deforestation, toxic emissions—are often framed as problems too big for any one person to solve. Too big even for hope. But when viewed as symptoms of a single greater problem—the epic levels of trash and waste we produce daily--the way forward is clear. Waste is the one problem individuals can positively impact—and not just on the planet, but also on our wallets, our health, and national and energy security. The challenge is seeing our epic wastefulness clearly.

"Total Garbage" will shine a light on the absurdity of the systems that all of us use daily and take for granted--and it will help both individuals and communities make meaningful changes toward better lives and a cleaner, greener world.


April 18, 2024, 7 p.m.
Gonzaga University
The Myrtle Woldson Performing Arts Center - Rehearsal Hall
211 East Desmet Ave
Spokane, WA 99258
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