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Good afternoon, Netizens...

Green Libertarian wrote, quoting Bob writes:

Might this fill a better niche if it focused more on Spokane related issues, similar to what DFO does for North Idaho on Huckleberries Online, and steer clear of geopolitics?
Just a suggestion.
Posted by Bob | 2 Aug 7:55 AM

Then GL answered him:
Sage advice, bobness.

Dave summons up the Ghost of Ommadepadmehum, the great all-seeing Swami of The Great Blog Everlasting until Perdition Comes for a free consultation. Granted Ommadepadmehum is much in demand lately, as he has been kept rather busy trying to decipher what a Blog is supposed to be, not to mention to solve all the great mysteries of the Universal All.

However, in exchange for a free place to hang his turban when he is desperate for a free cup of Virtual Espresso and perhaps a dance with some of the Ghostly ladies in the Virtual Ballroom, I reiterated Bob's pointed question above to Ommadepadmehum during a brief séance held in the Virtual Garden among the fresh strawberries, which are just now coming on strong.

Here are the comments of the Ghost of the Great All-Illuminating Swami of The Great Blog Everlasting until Perdition Comes:

When you dressed this morning (you did, didn't you?) did you forget your history?

RANDOM COMMENTS (taken from various sources)
Community Comment will be gone in 30 days or less. It will never last.
Why aren't you more like Huckleberries?
When do we get a Wild Card like over at Huckleberries Online?
You obviously don't know how to blog yet.
Your posts are too damned long. I'm going somewhere else.
(Those were some of the more-polite comments)

This is a 100% volunteer organization.
My name is NOT Dave Oliveria and this is not Huckleberries Online.
In six months of operation Community Comment remains within the top ten Blogs.
Several times Community Comment has even been in the Top Five. (GO GHOSTS!)
We talk about almost anything including Spokane.


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