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Spokane Elder Resource Team sets senior planning workshops

A series of senior planning workshops begin next week at two library locations. The free sessions are open to the public and led by the professional networking group Spokane Elder Resource Team. For the “Plan Well, Age Well” fall series, SERT members will offer tips for smoother transitions as people age – from downsizing to financial planning.

Rebooting goals as empty nesters

Have you sent your last child off to college or other adventures this fall? Beyond all that quiet in the home, and likely a few tears, what now? Perhaps it’s time to spread wings much like your kid is, a sort of empty-nest bucket list: Go on a cruise, cycle in Europe, learn golf as a couple, or remodel the kitchen. Other parents invest new-found time into volunteering, a hobby, or new work opportunities.

‘Bruce Lee’s Chinatown’ tour offers a personal look at Lee, beyond martial arts stardom

Don Wong knew Bruce Lee. As young men, they worked at Ruby Chow’s restaurant together. When Wong, leading the Wing Luke Museum’s “Bruce Lee’s Chinatown Tour” describes his connection with the martial-arts star, it’s not the brag you might expect. He speaks with a touch of sadness as he reminisces about attending the judo classes Lee held at the restaurant after hours.

Faith and Values: Never, never, never

There are some things better left unsaid in marriage, or at least said differently than those first words out of our mouths. If you don’t believe me, search, ‘things never to say to your spouse.’ Using one search engine, I got over 79 million results and after reading each one (huge exaggeration for effect), I’ve selected a few of my favorites for this piece. You’re Overreacting This works as well as mixing flour with a very large fan. Since there’s probably not an agreed-upon standard that identifies their correct reaction level, you’ve started off by saying ‘you’re wrong’ and that rarely goes well. Instead, how about trying to find out what’s behind their reaction by listening with understanding. That tells them, “I Care”. We Can’t Afford It Slap in the face. If the item in question appeals to you and there’s a working budget, you can avoid this type of statement by saying, “I’d like that. Have you figured out what area of the budget it will come from?” Now the issue has become, ‘how do we pay for something we’d both like’ instead of ‘you haven’t even thought far enough ahead to see it costs too much.’ My Mom/Dad Never… Thanks honey, that makes me feel like I’m in a competition I can’t win. A biblical principal, in the book of Genesis, has a married couple leaving their father and mother and forming a separate union, perhaps to avoid just this type of situation. The separation acknowledges and supports that this new union is unique and the parties must work together within that framework for the marriage to thrive. Does that mean you ignore everything good from your parent’s marriage? Nope! But you could mention the principle you saw at home without identifying mom or dad as the source. You Never… Your spouse likely won’t take to heart what you’re commenting on, especially if he’s a guy (this piece is written by one of them so he probably knows what he’s talking about…sometimes). Instead, they may log into their memory banks for the last time they did exactly what you said they never do and then they’ll have proof that you don’t ever get things right.

Ask the Builder: Retaining wall basics

You may recall that point in high school physics class when a frustrated student demanded, “Give me an example of when I’ll ever use this stuff in real life!” Well, this is one of those times.

Ask Dr. Universe: Why do cats like lasers?

“Cats like lasers because they are predators and like to chase or hunt anything that moves fast around them,” WSU veterinarian Leticia Fanucchi said.

Is your child in the right car seat? New guidelines to check

Instead of children being in rear-facing seats until they turn 2, the American Academy of Pediatrics is now recommending that children stay in rear-facing seats as long as possible until they meet the upper number for that seat’s height or weight limits.

New U.S. survey shows some progress against opioid crisis

UPDATED: Fri., Sept. 14, 2018, 12:44 p.m.

Figures from a U.S. government survey released Friday show some progress in the fight against the ongoing opioid addiction crisis with fewer people in 2017 using heroin for the first time compared to the previous year.