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Ask Dr. Universe: What happens when we sleepwalk?

WSU sleep researcher Hans Van Dongen and his team observe lots of different sleep behaviors at the Sleep and Performance Research Center. He said there are really two main types of sleepwalking – deep sleep and rapid-eye movement.

Mama Bear Moxie: Free things to do with your kids this summer

When you are a stay-at-home mama with little ones in the house it can be hard trying to plan fun things to do on a shoestring budget. I remember those days so well as a mixture of me about to lose my mind paired with a very overbearing attachment to my children. Anytime can be hard with toddlers and preschoolers, but summer seemed to be extra challenging for me when my boys where that small. Here are a few of the things I did to make it through the summer.

Freedom to roam: With Utah law on the books, Spokane parents mull ‘free-range parenting’

Utah passed what’s being called the first “free-range kids” law in the nation to clarify it isn’t a crime for parents to allow mature children do such things by themselves as walk to school, play outside or stay in a car while parents are away. Groups in states from New York to Texas are pushing for similar steps. What can parents here expect? It depends.

Honoring sons, moms help teens find snappy attire

Lead volunteers Paula Lyon and Polly Melendez for Coeur Closet want to help high school students who can’t afford trendy or professional clothes receive stylish outfits, especially for Senior Presentation Day held in May. The two moms, serving in honor of sons who died, have bonded through shared experiences and their drive to expand the closet.

CEOs of local Boy Scout and Girl Scout groups show leadership is gender neutral

Eighteen months ago when Karen Meier took the helm of Boy Scouts of America Inland Northwest Council, she became one of just six female Scout executives in the organization, and locally the first ever female Scout executive. Earlier this month when Brian Newberry became CEO of Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho, he became the only male chief executive in the Girl Scout organization.

Mama Bear Moxie: Don’t test me

When I had my firstborn, I decided I would parent much like my own parents did: loving and strict, yet fun. I remember my dad telling me when my son was young, “Make sure you always win.”

Ask Dr. Universe: Why do dogs have wet noses?

Dog noses come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and pretty much all of them are wet. Most often a wet nose is a good sign that they are healthy, Mealey says. We do know that a wet nose helps dogs maintain a nice body temperature and helps them smell.

Ask Dr. Universe: How do cacti survive in such hot and dry environments?

Instead of stomata that open during the day, cacti have stomata that open at night. This helps them survive in extreme conditions. Cacti can still get the carbon dioxide they need to make their food without having their water supply zapped. They store up the carbon dioxide overnight and use it the next day to make their food.