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Mama Bear Moxie: Children need to get enough sleep

It became very clear to me as a young mother that sleep was an important part of my children’s health. Establishing a sleep schedule for my babies paid off as they moved into the toddler, child, and teenager stage.

Ask Dr. Universe: Frisson’s cause remains unknown

It turns out that the experience of getting chills when we listen to music actually has a scientific name: frisson. That’s what I found out when I met up with Washington State University brain scientist Steve Simasko.

Front Porch: It’s a date

Glancing at the clock, I fastened my earrings and scanned the room for my gold sandals. My date was on the way to pick me up and I didn’t want to keep him waiting.

Spokane Valley senior community completes extensive expansion

UPDATED: Thu., July 26, 2018, 10:22 a.m.

Evergreen Fountains, a senior living community in Spokane Valley, recently completed a more than $12 million expansion project to add a three-story living facility, cottages, a skywalk and an outdoor recreation park. Evergreen Fountains – co-owned by real estate developers Prokey and Greg Arger and Greg’s son, Gene – opened in 2008 with more than 106 independent, light-assisted and assisted-living apartments.

Dr. Zorba Paster: Crawling kids stirring up dust is a good thing

Crawling kids on floors stir up all sorts of dust and dirt. Whether it’s carpeted, wood or just plain dirt as they crawl, they eat and inhale yukky stuff. Is that good for them? Should we be putting them in a sterile environment that’s germ- and dirt-free? Nope.

Ask Dr. Universe: What happens when we sleepwalk?

WSU sleep researcher Hans Van Dongen and his team observe lots of different sleep behaviors at the Sleep and Performance Research Center. He said there are really two main types of sleepwalking – deep sleep and rapid-eye movement.

Mama Bear Moxie: Free things to do with your kids this summer

When you are a stay-at-home mama with little ones in the house it can be hard trying to plan fun things to do on a shoestring budget. I remember those days so well as a mixture of me about to lose my mind paired with a very overbearing attachment to my children. Anytime can be hard with toddlers and preschoolers, but summer seemed to be extra challenging for me when my boys where that small. Here are a few of the things I did to make it through the summer.