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Uncovering shame holds power to heal

Nichole Mischke didn’t set out to tell stories of pain and shame, much less her own, until last November, when the former KHQ reporter publicly shared for the first time about her eating disorder, and found healing.

Mama Bear Moxie: You should just adopt

When you adopt many people will tell you different things. You’ll hear all about the worst adoption failures out there as well as what people think about adoption. You’ll be told that you are special in your desire to adopt and that they could never love an adopted child like their own. You’ll smile slightly and nod when you are told the same thing over and over again although you absolutely disagree.

Long-term care program seeking volunteer advocates

SNAP, which runs the Eastern Washington Long Term Care Ombudsman Program, says it needs to bolster the number of volunteers who advocate for seniors in assisted-living care facilities. The program usually has between 36 and 42 people, but is down to about 29 ombudsmen, so more volunteers are needed to help residents who might have issues while living in various long-term care facilities across a five-county area. Training starts Oct. 12.

Spokane Elder Resource Team sets senior planning workshops

A series of senior planning workshops begin next week at two library locations. The free sessions are open to the public and led by the professional networking group Spokane Elder Resource Team. For the “Plan Well, Age Well” fall series, SERT members will offer tips for smoother transitions as people age – from downsizing to financial planning.

Rebooting goals as empty nesters

Have you sent your last child off to college or other adventures this fall? Beyond all that quiet in the home, and likely a few tears, what now? Perhaps it’s time to spread wings much like your kid is, a sort of empty-nest bucket list: Go on a cruise, cycle in Europe, learn golf as a couple, or remodel the kitchen. Other parents invest new-found time into volunteering, a hobby, or new work opportunities.

Ask Dr. Universe: Why do cats like lasers?

“Cats like lasers because they are predators and like to chase or hunt anything that moves fast around them,” WSU veterinarian Leticia Fanucchi said.

Is your child in the right car seat? New guidelines to check

Instead of children being in rear-facing seats until they turn 2, the American Academy of Pediatrics is now recommending that children stay in rear-facing seats as long as possible until they meet the upper number for that seat’s height or weight limits.

Gifting action for Grandparents Day

In 1979, President Jimmy Carter proclaimed the first Sunday after Labor Day each year as a time to recognize grandparents. As more people older than 50 are staying active with fitness, those elders likely would embrace both family time and an invite to go walking or cycling.