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Potential for Assassination?

Good morning, Netizens...

This AP picture of Barak Obama is not the Picture of the Day, as some might presume. I submit to each of you this picture is what the next President of the United States will look like when or if the voters of the United States vote him into office. Did I say if?

Twice in my life the Secret Service detail responsible for protecting the life of the President of the United States have failed, twice Presidents in my lifetime have been shot, and in the case of the late President John F. Kennedy, I admit I am not 100% certain that the assassination was not carried out by a group of unknown co-conspirators.

So why do I, at the advent of Obama's acceptance speech tonight, fear for his life? Let me make the argument I perceive for you and perhaps you'll understand better.

A. Despite the warm heartfelt welcome the Democratic Party gave the Obama family, despite the appearance of Unity in the Democratic Party displayed in how it conducted the business of nominating their candidate unanimously, racial hatred is still alive and well in the United States. There are men and women out there who, at the core of their souls, want Barak and Michelle Obama dead and there is no way to print that aesthetically. In the minds of devout racists, the Obama's represent miscegenation, that they are a product of mixed racial heritage, and much of the racist hate literature I have read in the past speaks of this openly. While most people of intelligence and moral backbone fully support racial equality, there are still many people in this country for whom the Obama family represents the enemy. It is deplorably sad, but oh so very true.

B. There are a greater number of Americans out-of-work right now than at any time in recent history. More Americans have lost their homes due to the economic crunch. There are more veterans of the Middle East conflict who are returning home to find the promises made to them are false, that the Veterans health care system is a mind-boggling card shuffle and many of the Veterans Hospitals cesspools of mismanagement and inefficiency. Anytime you have that many people alienated against their government due to hardships, you increase the possibility of an assassination attempt.

Then, there is the candidate, Barak Obama, who has led one of the biggest, most-successful Presidential nomination campaigns in recent American history largely based upon accessibility to the American voters. Obama the candidate wades right into crowds to shake hands, to “press the flesh” and listens to their hearts. That is what a candidate must do. As America's first President of color, the risks of that behavior are tremendous. He will need to learn to accept the recommendations of the Secret Service, something that may cut against his grain. He will need to divorce himself from the public, at some point. His life may depend upon it.

Do you fear for Barak Obama's life? In your opinion, if elected the next President of the United States will Barak Obama be assassinated before he completes his first term of office?

Granted this is a tough, ugly question to have to ask, but yes, I am worried. Are you?


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