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Why I killed Ron the Cop’s message…

Good morning, Netizens...

Twenty reasons why I cancelled Ron-the-Cop's response to my message yesterday about having breakfast. Well, the first nineteen don't count.

The real problem I had with the message wasn't so much that Ron announced he and Steve Thompson gathered together to discuss various conspiracy theories, including River Park Square Parking Garage, but the link which took our conversation about having breakfast in an entirely different direction more to his liking, back to the parking garage.

We've had how many investigations and rumors of events surrounding the admittedly-tragic death of Ms. Savage, but what is forthcoming? Nada. Zip. If anything had changed in this case, which is rapidly becoming a cold case, I might relent a bit in my judgement about posting comments about it, but from my vantage point, nothing has changed.

In quite the similar vein of thought, I found the recent announcement by various sources that Police Chief Ann Kirkpatrick has applied for several jobs in other cities to be quite cogent. This is especially true since the story was broken by Bill Morlin writing in the Center for Justice, as both have extreme credibility where I am concerned. I would much rather discuss the potential impact of losing what I consider to be a good Chief of Police working in the face of a union mail fist and doing a good job of it, than discuss theories about River Park Square Parking Garage.

I have heard many rumors about why the head of the City of Spokane Park Board just stepped down, and while some of them sound quite cogent, nobody is really stating what took place. What is news is that he stepped down voluntarily. Pretty much everything else are just rumors, and while perhaps what relationships that exists between the Park Board and Mobius bear a close scrutiny, we do not have enough information. Perhaps that will be forthcoming.

I labored over my decision last night to kill the message, and given the small window of opportunity I have for such decisions, and given the number of other similar messages that have been killed in the past in other SR blogs, I cannot see that I have many options.

You and Steve both have blogs in which you can freely discuss various theories of your choice, even disparage the Spokesman-Review however you wish without fear of being deleted or censored if you will, although I personally loathe that word.


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