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The Return of the Daily Reverie…

Good morning, Netizens...

Rumors of my demise or other world-changing events in my personal life are simply not true. I have not acquired hoof rot, beri-beri or a sexually-transmitted disease. What I have done is simply taken a self-imposed vacation from writing in this blog with as much frequency or perhaps even enthusiasm as I have done each day for the past four years. In addition, since my lovely wife has been on an extended road trip to her Nirvana in Nebraska, via Chicago, Illinois, this has kept me busy just maintaining the home front while she is navigating across the United States to commune with members of her family and deal with some of her parents health issues, no mean task that.

Moreover, given the amount of disposable time I freed up by cutting back on various activities, I have finally completed a top down upgrade to my humble Linux workstation. For my workstation, which has been up and in continuous service for over five years with little more than routine maintenance, I added a few new applications but mostly performed upgrades to all the familiar tools by which I ply the maudlin and often disconcerting roadway of the Internet each day for fun and profit.

Plus, given the unpredictable spring weather, I have spent some introspective time wrapped in a blanket, sitting in my favorite lawn chair in the pre-dawn of The Virtual Garden contemplating all the ebbs and flows of political and social networking that seem to each attempt to dominate my personal and professional life. To quote a former professor of mine, I have carefully considered all the options, discarded some and drawn conclusions to match my own biases. My self-imposed vacation is over; it is time to move forward once again.

Once again I mount the Great Chair at an ungodly hour and armed with a cup of my custom-blended coffee that has been known to remove chrome from the front bumpers of every known major brand of automobile or truck, I plug my senses into that world of news and half-news that is uniquely my own and simply watch the dawn as it creeps over the shrubbery in the Garden. I observe the Garden Gnomes as they rise early to tend arboreal matters, with only an occasional foray into the Virtual Ballroom where, even at this ungodly hour of the morning, the Virtual Orchestra is playing a Strauss waltz followed by sitar music. This is of course in keeping with the Orchestra's philosophy: if you don't like the music, stick around and something more to your liking may be played. Dancing, by both Ghosts and living entities, is optional, but please no jitterbugging at this hour of the day. It scares the wildlife and reminds me of my always encroaching age.


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