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Crossing paths again

No doubt you have heard people refer to Spokane as a small town or assert that everyone knows one another here.

Maybe it's sort of cute that some believe that. But I've always found those sentiments silly. Condescending might be a better word.

Clearly, Spokane is not a small town. And it would be statistically impossible for everyone to literally know one another here.

Of course.


A few years ago, back when I walked to work, I used to pass the same woman day after day. I was on my way downtown each morning and she appeared to be headed up to Sacred Heart a couple of blocks away.

It was still dark when we would see each other. But I must have established that I was not someone to fear. We exchanged hellos. And once I asked her about something she was carrying. I guessed it was a cake but it turned out to be burritos.

Then, in 2008, I started riding my bike to work most of the year and taking the bus in winter if the streets were iffy. So chances are, I wouldn't see the burrito lady again. Right?

Well, I had lunch yesterday at the assisted living place my mom moved to a couple of weeks ago. It's not far from Sacred Heart.

And there was the burrito lady. Her name is Laura and she works in the kitchen/dining room.

She remembered me. She said she had eventually connected my SR mug shot with the guy who walked past her each morning before dawn.

I told her I looked forward to seeing her again. Just not every day, and no longer in the dark.

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