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The Wednesday Slice question

If you have never been on an STA bus, who do you imagine makes up the majority of the rider population?

A) Felons. B) The poor. C) The mentally ill. D) People with multiple DUI convictions. E) Vegans. F) Unemployed socialists and Lewis & Clark buffs.

G) Exceptionally cute 19-year-old poets. H) Exceptionally tired 55-year-old teachers. I) People with ideas. J) People who think you can simply declare your pet to be a service dog and that makes it official. K) Mutterers. L) Aspiring spokesmodels and others who don't watch the same shows you do.

M) People who don't like to pay for parking. N) People who go to an office, stay there all day and then go straight home. O) Social service volunteers. P) People who resent the wealthy but consistently support politicians whose agendas start with comforting the rich. Q) Atheist unpublished novelists.

R) Those wearing the same pants they wore yesterday. S) People who did not watch the game and would have no idea what you are all worked up about. T) The young and lawnless. U) Hummus eaters. V) Dropouts.

W) Children of the corn. X) Addicts. Y) People like yourself who don't need a car every day. Z) Other.

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