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Internet Explorer 11 released

Microsoft announced today that they were releasing Internet Explorer 11 into the wild for Windows 7 users and will be rolling it out in their auto updates across the world. If you're a Windows 7 user, this means you'll soon have a brand new baby browser in the coming months! Congratulations! (I guess. I use Firefox.)

Curious to see the amount of IE 11 traffic to, since that's the default browser bundled with Windows 8/8.1, I whipped out our trusty Google Analytics to see the actual numbers. Overall, IE users account for 40% of our site's traffic (does not include mobile data), with IE 10 taking up the biggest chunk of that. IE 11 comes in at...

Wait a second...

Seriously, we have no traffic from anyone using IE 11? Do people REALLY hate Windows 8 that much?

When it comes to analytics, if the data comes out über wonky like that, it's likely a technical problem, not a behavioral pattern. And guess what? In this case, Google Analytics itself is actually broken. For those of you wondering, Google Analytics stupidly reports IE11 as a Mozilla browser. Derp.

Here's the missing data set, hidden under "Mozilla":

I expect this number to rapidly rise now that Windows 7 users will be getting it installed automatically with their system updates. Just one more browser to test for, I guess.

Let us know if you run into any issues using and IE 11 by emailing us at

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