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The Slice: When Fido and Tabby don’t cut it

By The Spokesman-Review
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Anybody could name their bulldog Zag. How about something more original?
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I know some of my readers think all I ever do is obsess about baby names.

But that’s not true. Sometimes I obsess about pets’ names.

With that in mind, I want to present The Slice’s top 40 recommended pet monikers based on Inland Northwest place names.

40. Tum Tum: “Here, Tummy! Here, girl!”

39. Ione: Good name for a spaniel.

38. Dalkena: Would suit a calico cat.

37. Nordman: You could say it like “Newman” on “Seinfeld.” Or “Nordie,” if the pet likes to shop.

36. Milan: Good name for a terrier.

35. Waverly: Just right for a parrot.

34. Thornton: Perfect for a Maine Coon cat.

33. Rosalia: “Here, Rosie!”

32. Colton: Colbert’s good, too.

31. Mica: Might fit a corgi.

30. Sandpoint: Of course, you could call the pet “Sandy.”

29. Malden: I can see this for a bulldog.

28. Hayden: And his twin brother Heyburn.

27. Penewawa: Why not?

26. Kootenai: “Down, Kooty!”

25. Hope: For the runt of the litter.

24. Kellogg: Maybe for a hamster.

23. Almira: Stylish name for a bed cat.

22. Wallace: Would go by “Wally.”

21. Manito: “Manny.”

20. Worley: For a lap dog.

19. Bonner: For a retriever.

18. Edwall: “Here, Eddie!”

17. Ralston: Maybe for a bunny.

16. Tubbs: For a lovable, rotund shelter dog.

15. Warden: Could call him “Ward Cleaver.”

14. Mullan: Good name for a hound.

13. Harrison: Perfect for a distinguished feline with lots of self-esteem.

12. Addy: Practically says “smart and loyal.”

11. Orofino: Would suit a spirited animal companion of any kind.

10. Marcus: Might fit a sled dog.

9. Athol: Your name for the neighbor’s barking dog.

8. Clayton: “Go get your leash, Clay.”

7. Dworshak: For a highly skeptical cat.

6. Cocolalla: “Good boy, Coco.”

5. Kaniksu: “Here, Kanny!”

4. Farragut: Ideal for a really big dog.

3. Pend Oreille: Perfect for a sailboat pooch.

2. Sprague: “Here, Howard!”

1. Wilbur: “Wilburrrrr!”

OK, what did I leave off?

Today’s Slice question: What’s your idea for a Spokane-themed Halloween costume?

Write The Slice at P.O. Box 2160, Spokane, WA 99210; call (509) 459-5470; fax (509) 459-5098; e-mail pault@spokesman.com. The problem with always naming your pets after Watergate figures is that eventually you wind up with a cat called H.R. “Bob” Haldeman.

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