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The Slice: We have all the answers

Let’s start with some answers.

Someone’s stock goes way up in my eyes when I find out that he or she …

“Enjoys doing volunteer work.” – Kathy Morse

“Has adopted their pet from a shelter or rescue group.” – Kerry Masters

“Is a quilter.” – Marjorie Lefevre

“Stopped smoking.” – Bob Kirlin

“Sold their house before the economy tanked.” – Jamie Millet

“Has served their country.” – Roger Yoder

The key question after a cycling crash: “Is my bike OK?” – Steve Ball

Just wondering: How many different ways have you heard “Mirabeau” pronounced?

State symbols: Kathryn Krauss would replace the American goldfinch – the state bird of several states – as Washington’s state bird. Her nominee? The white-headed woodpecker. It lives only in the West and relies on ponderosa and sugar pine to make a living.

And several readers said it’s absurd that there’s not a speck of green on the Evergreen state’s license plate.

Spratt fall: Liberty Lake’s Lisa Spratt wonders if she is the only person who is not a cartoon character to have slipped on a banana peel and taken a spill.

Looking ahead: The National Rural Letter Carriers Association annual convention will be held in Spokane next summer.

Today’s Slice question: What’s your attitude about outdoor holiday lights?

A) “Less is more.” B) “Sooner the better.” C) “Nothing succeeds like excess.” D) “They built Grand Coulee Dam for a reason.” E) “Restraint is for sissies.” F) “It’s too early to be thinking about this.” G) Other.

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