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The Slice: Back in the day, we had a flow show

You call these waterfalls?

Why, back in aught-eight and aught-nine…

Let’s move on.

Slice answer: Lawrence Killingsworth suggested that Washington’s Idahoesque license plate declaration could salute a personality type associated with Seattle area high-technology enterprises: “Famous Nerds.”

Tactics: “When solicitors call my shop about phone service, I tell them I don’t have a phone,” said auto restorer Mike Carlson. “I enjoy the dead silence for a few seconds then hang up.”

Today’s Slice question: How many transplants to our area recognize this sequence of events?

1. While living in another part of the country, you announce that you are moving to the Northwest.

2. People tell you it rains all the time there.

3. You explain that you are not going to that part of the Northwest.

4. No one comprehends this. Not. One. Person.

5. You shake your head and start packing.

6. You arrive in the Spokane area.

7. You discover that some of the locals expect it to be sunny 365 days a year and are a tad out of touch about how little it actually does rain here.

8. You say, “I have to tell you, back in Wherever it rained more often, harder and longer than it does here.”

9. People stare at you and blink.

10. Years pass, you settle in here, and you find yourself lowering the bar for what constitutes “hard” rain.

11. Newcomers freshly arrived from wetter climes note that Spokane doesn’t seem to get what they would consider real rain.

12. You stare and blink.

13. On vacation trips back to Wherever, people note that you live in the Northwest and observe that it rains all the time there.

14. Suddenly remembering, you look at them and say, “It rains more often, harder and longer here than it does in Spokane.”

15. No one comprehends this.

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