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The Slice: Coping with winters and losers

It’s an odd sensation to see wintry scenes of Spokane on The Weather Channel when you happen to be several time zones away from here.

Sure, it looks familiar. But at the same time, it seems slightly unreal.

The interesting thing, though, is how you react to biting remarks from co-viewers who aren’t from here.

Do you join in and bash Spokane’s apparent inability to handle snow? Or do you rise to defend the old hometown?

Now it could happen, as in my case recently, that you might find yourself in the company of genial relatives who never say an unkind word about Spokane.

But it’s equally likely that someone watching TV with you far from here will see a brief report on this city’s post-blizzard antics and offer a caustic comment: “So have you folks ever heard of snow plows out there?”

Or “Why haven’t people out there learned to drive in winter? Does the season come as a surprise where you live?”

You get the picture.

So, anyway, a fair number of your friends and neighbors will travel to other parts of the country later this month. There’s always a chance another round of Spokane Winter Follies will wind up on national television during that time.

That means some in our midst might have to deal with flak from a brother-in-law in Wisconsin or a snarky sister in Colorado.

So it is best to be prepared. And The Slice is here to help.

If someone says, “Isn’t Spokane a bit far north to be so inept at coping with winter?” you can reply, “We’re not inept. We just love drama.”

If someone says, “Is that why studded tires are legal out there – because you people can’t drive?” you can reply, “Admit it. You watch The Weather Channel because of that one woman who wears snug sweaters.”

If someone says, “So that’s the famous rugged Western independence I’ve heard about – whining that you’re stuck on your side street? Is that the cowboy way?” you can reply, “It’s not whining, it’s a cry for help. In Spokane, we’re not afraid to share our feelings.”

Today’s Slice question: Ever celebrated a holiday on a different day, because that’s when people could get together?

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