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The Slice: Not sure this smells right


Is this arguably laudable or hideously gross?

You make the call.

Jerry Harrison (a she) and another retired teacher were having lunch at NorthTown. A cluster of teenage boys sat not far away. The lads were casually dressed in sports togs, including basketball-esque tops with the big arm-holes.

“They seemed to be enjoying one another’s company,” said Harrison.

Then something unexpected happened.

“Someone took out a stick of deodorant, applied it generously, and then passed it around the table for everyone to use. Which they did.”

This left Harrison wondering: “Only in Spokane?”

Something tells me this has more to do with teenage boyness than any local behavioral quirks.

And as we sometimes hear about that population subset being hygiene-challenged these days, perhaps that was a small step in the right direction.

But guys, please. There is no substitute for regular, soapy showers.

In addition, get your own deodorant sticks. And please don’t use them in public — especially not where people are eating. Thank you.

Slice readers told of getting sent home from school for wearing … : Green fingernail polish, too-short skirts, a dress with spaghetti shoulder straps, pants that looked too much like jeans, T-shirts adorned with messages/images deemed offensive, and hair dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day in 1961.

Misheard: Craig Moore’s son thought the expression “botox smile” was “buttocks smile.”

And Mike Carlson heard a commercial for a community celebration promise a “whores parade,” but it was really a “horse parade.”

Tangled Web: Remember how the story of Spokane’s downtown ducks got morphed into a note-for-note online tale in which it all supposedly took place in San Antonio? Well, now there are versions bouncing around that pretend it happened in Saskatoon.

Today’s Slice question: What does the cob look like after you have eaten an ear of corn?

A) Like a wild animal gnawed it. B) Like a machine cleanly sheared off the kernels. C) Like it had been gummed. D) You don’t want to know. E) Other.

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