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The Slice: In the end, a state of confusion

Tue., March 2, 2010

Today is Texas Independence Day.

That seems like a good occasion to briefly consider the perennial idea of creating a separate state out of Eastern Washington or perhaps Eastern Washington and North Idaho.

Of course, that would be insane for many fiscal and public policy reasons. But something I read online not long ago brought up another important point.

The usually half-serious backers of this idea tend to be quite conservative. But have they thought about the fact that Spokane — the dominant city in this new state — would be pretty liberal, at least compared to the outlying areas?

Just imagine some of those “Sodom on the Sound” labels once attached to Seattle being recycled as smears against progressive Spokane.

Now that would be something new.

Warm-up questions: How many Inland Northwesterners have a vision of retirement that does not include golf? Has your cat ever taken ownership of responsibility for a misdeed after, say, knocking over a lamp or beverage container? Do neighbors who do not get along tend to mutter harsh critiques of one another’s backyard cookout aromas?

Today’s Slice question: Which has played the biggest role in educating America about the proper pronunciation of “Spokane”?

A) GU basketball. B) Televised coverage of figure skating. C) Enduring interest in Bing Crosby. D) All the other famous/semi-famous performing artists, athletes, writers, politicians and nutcakes from here. E) The Weather Channel. F) The city’s location relative to big-deal geologic events. G) Expo ’74. H) Fleeting mentions in movies ranging from “Coal Miner’s Daughter” to “Network” and TV shows from “The West Wing” to “The Andy Griffith Show.” I) That bad Tom T. Hall song. J) Other.

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