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The Slice: Camera doesn’t add 10 feet

Some Spokane TV news reporters don’t set the bar high for what qualifies as a “massive” tree.

Let’s move on.

Re: the poster for the 2011 gathering of philosophy professors (Saturday’s Slice): Hank Tiffany and Velta Ashbrook were among those who suggested that the artwork should feature notable thinkers riding the Looff Carrousel.

“I like the idea of seeing philosophers going around in circles,” said Ashbrook.

Monday quiz winners: Terri Ehrlich was the first to note that the late actress Jeanette Nolan was married to someone born in Spokane, actor John McIntire.

But retired nurse Shirley Schoenleber also wins a notebook for sharing a fun story.

As several readers pointed out, Nolan and McIntire had a lake place over in northwest Montana. And once, back in the 1980s, McIntire was in Spokane for a surgical procedure.

“John was a bit of a curmudgeon, but Jeanette was a concerned wife, a friendly person, a joy to be around,” said Schoenleber.

As McIntire was being discharged, a hospital staffer had a request. So on his way out, the guy who had played wagon master Christopher Hale on “Wagon Train” lightened up and called out “Wagons, Ho!”

Injuries incurred while playing catch: When Peter Lucht was about 10, he was furiously backpedaling to haul in a long throw. He spun around just in time to smack his face into a “Slow/Children Playing” sign. He wound up getting several stitches in his chin.

It’s not just houses that keep their names: Terry Sulpizio told about a piece of furniture acquired almost 30 years ago that is still referred to as “Mrs. Turner’s cabinet.”

Slice answer: One story of an epic blister came from a former military man who told about acquiring it while on leave in Southeast Asia. Oops. Out of space.

Today’s Slice question: Anyone still object to socks with sandals?

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