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The Slice: Some decided to turn the page

Thu., April 21, 2011, midnight

Here are Slice readers’ most commonly-cited reasons for leaving their book clubs.

1. Consistent lack of interest in the books selected. 2. Personality conflicts/power struggles/desire to strangle one particular gasbag. 3. Meeting time not convenient. 4. Few others in the group actually read the books.

Mixed bag of Slice answers: LC and Rogers got the most votes for classiest local school building.

Readers reported that several area congregations have hired unmarried pastors, some more than once.

One reader likened shopping at an unfamiliar Spokane grocery store to being in an alternate universe.

Patsy Wood and others said, no, Beaver brand horseradish is not too hot.

Janet Yoder and Bev Hatch are among those who have spent a lot of time watching animal videos online.

There was no clear winner in the matter of the best female role model from the movies, though several readers noted grievous omissions from the list of choices.

In another matter, one reader said that when an on-screen actor behind the wheel of a car pays more attention to the person in the next seat than to the road he thinks, well, at least the driver isn’t texting.

And others suggested that there should be speed traps on Indian Trail, Argonne, 65th, Baltimore/Hangman Valley Road (to catch bicyclists), 37th, Trent, South Havana, Fifth, and Northwest Boulevard, among others.

Spokane exit interview No. 3: Don Jensen came to Spokane in 1966 to attend GU and reluctantly moved to Seattle in 1990 for business reasons. Though his family has enjoyed Seattle, he could see living here again.

He misses, among other things, the cost of living, the relative simplicity and pace of life, certain professional and personal dynamics, and the summers.

Things he does not miss include: “The lack of diversity in the schools and in civic life. The reluctance on the part of the electorate to provide for change and growth.”

Today’s Slice question: What do you do when you have only a couple of friends and they can’t stand one another?

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