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The Slice: Follow unspoken rule: Don’t touch merchandise

Katie Youngren was wearing a cloak in a big Spokane Valley store last week when a sticker on some product managed to become affixed to her garment, right on her backside.

She must have brushed up against a package or backed into a display. Or something.

Anyway, as she was standing in a checkout aisle, a helpful clerk pointed it out and suggested she probably didn’t want to go around with a sticker on her butt.

At least not one that said “Now Even Softer.”

Today’s Spokane definition of “cultural elite”: “Guys with a clean pickup truck.” – Jeffrey Knight

Peer pressure: “I travel all over the country for my job,” wrote Rick Roddis. “I am always trying to compare Spokane to the city I am in. We are obviously not in the Minneapolis, Houston, Seattle category. I get that.

“However, how far do you have to dip down to get to the Spokane level? My assessment is that we are more in the Dayton or Lincoln class.”

He wondered what others thought. What city or cities does Spokane most resemble?

Maybe this happens everywhere: But it would appear that a fair number of those hereabouts who use disposable lighters think littering is OK.

Wonder how they pronounce it: Jeffrey Rahn was online looking for information about televisions for sale in Spokane when he came across something unexpected.

A company headquartered in California sells a piece of furniture called the “Spokane TV Stand.”

I have queried Z-Line Designs about how they came up with that name.

Meantime, here’s Rahn’s description of the unit.

“Simple in design, yet stylish and sturdy. The same characteristics that can be applied to many in Spokane.”

Today’s Slice question: What would you say to a seldom-driven 1987 2-door hatchback that had you worried but then went ahead and passed the state emissions test?

A) “Way to go! I knew you could do it!” B) “That’ll do, Civic. That’ll do.” C) “See what you can accomplish when you apply yourself?” D) It would be enough to fondly pat the dashboard. E) Other.

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