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The Slice: Come on and play our game of names

Today’s column is invitation-only.

Please respond only to the question prefaced by your name. (If yours is not one of the names attached to this particular batch, there’s always Today’s Slice question. That remains all-inclusive.)

Sue: Why does the sight of a kid carrying a band instrument make you think there’s hope for society?

Joe: Considering all the places you have lived, where would you rank the Inland Northwest when it comes to residents’ willingness to help identify your shortcomings?

Beth: What statement do high-heels make?

FreeDudeSplat67: What exactly is the harm you believe would befall you if you used your real name when posting online comments?

Any of the 43 versions of Caitlin: Who is your favorite Jane Austen secondary character?

Bill: If you were a travel writer doing a story on Coeur d’Alene, what word would you be tempted to overuse?

Chris (either gender): What’s special about your favorite pair of jeans?

Ann: Have you ever had the impression that nobody looks at those health-history forms you fill out?

Anne: Do you try to steer clear of guys who are seriously interested in sports?

Kevin: How far are you from where you would like to be in terms of physical fitness?

Mary: How different would society be if, instead of often being social conservatives, the prevailing interpreters of Scripture tended to view the message of Jesus as a radical liberal agenda?

Jason: Who taught you that sometimes it’s better to say nothing?

Laura: What would be the signature dish at your restaurant?

Ethan: Ever told a woman you would call her and then failed to do so?

Jennifer: Do you know how to pick up a cat?

Ted: What’s your favorite big city?

Lisa: Do you use too many exclamation points?

Bob: Ever been referred to as a “man about town”?

Jane: Do you ever meet young women named Jane?

John: What rule would you change to improve basketball?

Cindy: What actress would you want to play you?

Eustess: Could you explain how airplanes are able to fly?

Nancy: Do you read lists?

Today’s Slice question: Do couples seem extra snappish at Costco?

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