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The Slice: It’s an odd break from your typical request from heaven

Before we leave behind the subject of God’s interest in sports, let’s hear from North Idaho’s Brenda Green.

“I used to play in a pool (billiards) league and a teammate made an 8-ball break,” she wrote. “She practically fell to her knees and declared that she had been praying for one.

“I remember thinking that it was kind of silly to be bothering the big guy with such a request. After all, we were in a smoky bar, having a beer and knocking a few balls around a table. Hardly working toward the Nobel Peace Prize or curing cancer. But hey, maybe He’s a sports fan too.”

Re: Friday’s Slice: “I was one of those people who was so afraid of singing that I would just mouth the words to ‘Happy Birthday,’ ” wrote LuAnne Swainson. “And then one day, during a somewhat weak rendition, I felt so sorry for the recipient that I cranked up the volume and continue to do so.

“And if you’re lucky enough to be my friend, I will now call you up on your special day and sing the whole ‘Happy Birthday’ toooo yooooouuuu!”

She’s not the only one who found her voice.

“My sons stopped singing when they hit puberty, lost control of their voices and became very self-conscious,” wrote Linda Rise. “Then one enrolled at Pacific Lutheran University, a school with an outstanding music department. Within months, he was singing again (and not too badly).

“His brother started attending PLU last September. Haven’t heard him sing yet, but expect to any day now.”

One more.

“A few years ago, I went back to college,” wrote Sandy Tarbox. “I’m standing in a long, long line at SFCC waiting to purchase textbooks. One of the clerks tells us that anyone willing to sing can go to the head of the line. There are no takers!

“I’m a little dumbfounded. Didn’t take me long to step out of line and ask what she’d like me to sing. We quickly settle on ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ and a nearby 6-year-old chimed in to help.

“Yeah, I’m probably more ham than brave, but mostly I’m just old enough not to care.”

Today’s Slice question: Ever felt jealous upon hearing a favorite bank teller or grocery clerk address some other customer by name?

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