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The Slice: Romance and gossip from Dover to Rockford

Sat., July 23, 2011

Would you watch “Real Housewives of the Inland Northwest”?

Would you be willing to appear in a show with that name?

Or do you suspect that your life is way too real for prime time?

Air defense: “My husband is a genius,” wrote Leslie Seamon. “He has come up with a way to deal with flies in the house.”

Here’s the story. “We have our door open a lot so our chiweenie, Curly the Wolf Boy, can go outside and chase squirrels. Consequently, we have lots of flies and they dance around and taunt us.

“My husband, Bill Morrison, got a butterfly net. Now he sweeps them into the net, mid-air.”

Then he sends them to their pestilential reward.

The net is referred to as “The Red Menace.”

“Best one dollar investment we’ve ever made.”

In case you couldn’t figure it out: A chiweenie is a small dog. Not to be confused with the “chili beanie” of a certain Bullwinkle incantation.

Kids referring to their parents by first names: Doris Gottbreht is no fan of that practice. Her kids certainly did not do that.

But she didn’t want to take any chances with the grandchildren either. So she and her husband simply never told them their first names. “So we would always be Grandpa and Grandma.”

From last Saturday: Readers say it would appear that Spokane’s Louisiana Avenue became Trent between 1912 and 1932.

Speaking of a long time ago: Sarah Heitstuman thinks it’s too bad that there isn’t some recognition in Spokane of the fact that once there was a small Chinatown here.

And that makes me wonder. Seeing as how our area has a relatively plentiful water supply, how would the great 1974 movie “Chinatown” have had to be rewritten if set in Spokane?

I’ll send a coveted reporter’s notebook to at least one reader answering that one.

Today’s Slice question: The insurance industry has statistics on this. But in your opinion, what subset of the population has most of the dangerous drivers?

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