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The Slice: Pick a month and stick with it

Fri., Oct. 7, 2011

A reader asked if she can declare October her favorite month and have July be her co-favorite.

The Slice’s ruling is “No.”

You have to make up your mind. You need to commit.

Usually food porn is photography of high-calorie temptations: But something Steven Thain overheard at the recent Greek Festival might qualify.

“Hey (unpronounceable name), is your orzo this big?”

Know your local trivia: Without Googling it, can you identify the movie filmed in our region in which there is a store called “All Things Dead”?

The answer can be found after today’s Slice question.

Just wondering: Sure, you wash your hands. But after handling onions, how long does the aroma linger on your fingertips? And, if truth be told, do you sort of like it?

Pet peeve (yard sale division): “One of the things that bugs me to the core is driving out of my way to find a sale that isn’t open,” wrote Bill Harthill. “I would suggest putting out your signs only on the days your sale is open. And when your sale is over, please pick up your signs.”

Slice answer: Tom Boden identified the quintessential minor Northwest injury. “Bonking your head on the hood of your truck because you refuse to take your ball cap off while working on it.”

When your weekday calendar seems puzzled and annoyed: “Have you ever noticed that after Monday and Tuesday, your calendar says ‘WTF’?” — Tomas Kelley Lynch

Slice answer: “Here at Oakesdale school we have three main nicknames for our boss, Jake Dingman,” wrote Marilyn Wigen. “SuperPrince, because he is our superintendent and our principal. Dr. D, because he recently earned his EdD. And The Big Guy, because he is, after all, our boss.

“I have no nicknames for him that I am afraid to use to his face, but some that probably aren’t fit to print.”

Today’s Slice question: What happened when you tried growing pumpkins?

Movie trivia answer: “Roxanne.”

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