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The Slice: The Garden Weasel Slice, perhaps?

Fri., Dec. 7, 2012

If The Slice column had a naming-rights sponsor along the lines of college football bowl games, what would be the appropriate business and what would be the resulting column name?

My ideas? The Spokane Media Federal Credit Union Slice Column. Or The Thai on 1st Slice Column. Or The Providence Emilie Court Assisted Living Slice Column.

Reader challenge: Change one word in each of the following titles of Hallmark Channel Christmas movies to make them sound as if set in the Spokane area.

“A Christmas Visitor,” “Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus,” “A Boyfriend for Christmas,” “Angel in the Family,” “Meet the Santas,” “Love’s Abiding Joy,” “A Grandpa for Christmas,” “The Wonderful Time of the Year,” “Our First Christmas,” “A Kiss at Midnight,” “The Three Gifts,” “The Santa Incident,” “Three Wise Women,” “A Princess for Christmas,” “The Christmas Heart.”

Try to do this without using “marmot.” Good luck.

Today’s Christmas bonus memory: “When I was out of college, I worked a short time for a CPA firm in Spokane, that I will not name,” wrote Dick Wandling. “The Christmas bonus was a year subscription to the Journal of Accountancy. That magazine is not as exciting as the title might suggest.”

Slice answers: “I text,” wrote Mary Cayer. “I refuse to dumb-down my English simply because I am texting.”

Dani Lord-Flynn shares that attitude. “I’ve been texting for nearly 10 years now. I’m still a stickler for correct capitalization, spelling, grammar and punctuation. Nothing makes my blood boil like lazy texting.”

Of course, typing isn’t the only way you can run into problems. Lois Hattenburg recently employed the voice-to-text program on her phone. Trying to speak/write “WSU,” she first wound up with “W shoe,” then “WS you.”

Warm-up question: What percentage of the population has never ridden in a car with hand-cranked door windows?

Today’s Slice question: Ever visited the USS Arizona memorial?

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