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The Slice: At least commotion is across state

Things could be worse.

At least the big Spokane Street project and its attendant upheaval is taking place in Seattle and not here.

Game pieces for the Spokane version of Monopoly (instead of the thimble, the iron, et cetera): “Jacked up four-wheel-drive pickup.” – Jeff Brown

“An old couch.” – Terilyn Bertsch

Just wondering: Is it possible to be objective when evaluating the product or service of a business where you worked long ago?

Slice answer (having the right amount of money): A friend called Chewelah’s Carole Jones from Hawaii and asked for a favor. The post office was about to discontinue mail delivery to the box her friend had back here. And so she needed Jones to go in person to make a rent payment on it.

It turned out that it had to be a cash transaction. “I scrounged around in my purse and, to my surprise, had the exact $16 needed (one $5 and 11 ones).”

Family Phrases Department: Because of the way her young granddaughter, Rei Lin, requested a spoonful of peanut butter, those in Patricia Klingman’s family now refer to a serving of same as “penubuttapoon.”

That could be a good band name for a group of musically precocious toddlers.

Slice answer (pre-Internet academic cheating): “My Uncle Bill was a college English professor who was grading essays on ‘Moby-Dick’ one day in the 1960s when he was startled to recognize one of the essays as something he himself had written 10 years earlier,” wrote Beth Miller.

“It turns out he had contributed that essay to a fraternity file at a university on the other side of the country (supposedly for ‘reference’). In order to make it less likely for essays to be turned in a second time to the same professor, the fraternities brought the files to regional and national gatherings and mixed them up, sending them to new colleges to be turned in anew.”

Warm-up question: When you are eating, how often do crumbs fall into your front pocket?

Today’s Slice question: What did you find behind the wall during remodeling?

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