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The Slice: When all else fails, blame ‘Steve’

Perhaps you have seen that AT&T commercial in which an excited husband tells his plants-watering wife that he just signed them up for a nifty messaging plan.

She greets his announcement with disdain.

“Where are we going to find the money to pay for that, Steve?” she says in an acid tone.

The wife then mutters something about how she should have married another man before the deflated Steve informs her that the messaging add-on is free.

Well, it turns out that it is possible to have fun with that depressing little depiction of domestic disharmony.

Slice reader Kelly Campbell said the commercial now playfully informs the blame game in his home.

“I wonder if I am the only local husband that has garnered the nickname ‘Steve’ when something goes wrong in the household,” he wrote. “ ‘Who ate the last of the Oreos, STEVE?’ ”

The possibilities are almost endless.

“Who let the Bloomsday registration deadline slip by, Steve?”

“Whose remotesmanship was so inept that we wound up being charged twice on the Comcast bill for the same On Demand movie, Steve?”

“Where are you looking, Steve? Stephanie Vigil’s face is not down there, Steve.”

“When do you intend to walk the dog, Steve?”

“How am I supposed to take devilish pleasure in flushing the toilet if you never get in the shower, Steve?”

“Do you think that my having been a Lilac princess makes you some sort of royalty, Steve?”

Your turn.

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Today’s Slice question: How would you describe your fireplace?

A) Modest. B) What fireplace? C) Laughably ostentatious. D) Seldom used. E) Medieval. F) Ski lodge. G) Ash choked. H) Pretty tidy except for the mastodon bones. I) Reminiscent of a Rat Pack love nest. J) Just waiting to be discovered by a photographer working for a shelter magazine. K) Hearthilicious. L) Snugsville, U.S.A. M) Other.

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