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The Slice: Let’s make incorrect pronunciations our business

The name of what local business, institution or organization is written or pronounced incorrectly by the greatest number of people?

Tell me your nominee and I’ll tell you mine.

Slice answers: Readers talking about divisive co-workers made the point that certain awful people cannot be coached, counseled, managed or performance-reviewed into being decent teammates.

Not counting the extinction of whale-bone corsets: “I wonder why you never hear of women fainting anymore,” wrote Tomas Kelley Lynch. “Have they toughened up, or has fainting simply fallen out of favor?”

Feel free to share your theories. Mine? No one in 2012 wants to conk out and then have some yahoos whip out their phones and take pictures.

Feedback on Friday’s leaf-raking personality profiles: “How about Mr. Popular?” wrote Jim MacSuga. “I invested in a lawn vacuum. It is a 7 horsepower device that makes a great deal of noise and just sucks up the leaves, mulches them, and that allows for composting. It is so funny that when the process begins, there are lots of folks that seem to be wanting to borrow it.”

There was this from John Petrofski. “I didn’t fit into any of your categories,” he wrote. “I fire up the lawn mower and unceremoniously suck ’em up. Did have a woman walk by last fall and she marveled at not having to rake. I need to save my shoulders for casting (fishing).”

And Steven Wells suggested his own raking-based personality profiles. He said he fluctuates between “Procrastinating Pragmatist/Rationalizer” and “Browbeaten.”

Slice answer: His grandparents made a case that Marcus Fortier was the local baby seen in person by the most people before his first birthday. Marcus, son of GU assistant women’s basketball coach Lisa Mispley Fortier, was a high-profile attendee at home games after his arrival in 2010.

His father, Craig, coaches at EWU.

Today’s Slice question: When was the last time you “dialed” a phone number and got a busy signal?

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