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The Slice: Expanding the borders of the interstate fair

Nothing against Idaho.

But have the folks who run the Spokane County Interstate Fair ever thought about branching out. You know, defining “Interstate” a bit more broadly.

If they reached out to connect with the other 48 states, it might expand the already popular event’s appeal. The Slice has a few ideas about what other states could bring to our fair.

Alabama: Experience Humidity Barn. Alaska: Nightly lecture: Bears discuss salmon fishing. Arizona: Hot Enough for You Barn. Arkansas: Interactive tutorials: Learn how to call the hogs. California: Fleeting Trends Barn.

Colorado: Coors for Kids Day. Connecticut: Yale Barn. Delaware: How to Incorporate in Delaware Barn. Florida: Scary Bugs Exhibit. Georgia: Peach Eating Contest.

Hawaii: Make Your Own Lei. Illinois: Movies Set-In-Chicago Film Festival. Indiana: Hoosier Daddy Dance Contest. Iowa: “The Music Man” staged nightly. Kansas: Toto Barn.

Kentucky: Salute to Secretariat. Louisiana: Experience Even Worse Humidity Barn. Maine: Adopt-a-Lobster Barn. Maryland: Nonstop screenings of “The Wire.” Massachusetts: Colonial Wig Out.

Michigan: Automobile Genealogy Seminar. Minnesota: Mosquito Bite Blowout. Mississippi: Interactive Bluesorama. Missouri: Mark Twain Town. Montana: You Be Custer Barn.

Nebraska: Holographic Feedlot. Nevada: Area 51 Barn. New Hampshire: Live Free or Die Barn ($12 for adults). New Jersey: Bruce Springsteen Barn. New Mexico: I Got Your Enchantment Right Here Barn.

New York: Things You Can’t Afford Barn. North Carolina: The Mayberry Experience. North Dakota: Oil Fields Employment Office. Ohio: Simulated Wright Brothers Bike Shop. Oklahoma: Surrey ride.

Oregon: Clinic on removing Nike tattoos. Pennsylvania: You Be the Groundhog. Rhode Island: Back East Barn. South Carolina: Secede From This Barn. South Dakota: Deadwood Saloon Experience.

Tennessee: Graceland Barn. Texas: Alamo for Kids. Utah: Ski Expo. Vermont: Maple Syrup Barn. Virginia: Ham is for Lovers Hut.

West Virginia: Feuds, Folks ’n’ Fun. Wisconsin: Cheesehead Fashion Show. Wyoming: Play-Doh Devils Tower Challenge.

Today’s Slice question: How many times have you had to work on Labor Day?

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