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The Slice: Expanding the borders of the interstate fair

Mon., Sept. 3, 2012

Nothing against Idaho.

But have the folks who run the Spokane County Interstate Fair ever thought about branching out. You know, defining “Interstate” a bit more broadly.

If they reached out to connect with the other 48 states, it might expand the already popular event’s appeal. The Slice has a few ideas about what other states could bring to our fair.

Alabama: Experience Humidity Barn. Alaska: Nightly lecture: Bears discuss salmon fishing. Arizona: Hot Enough for You Barn. Arkansas: Interactive tutorials: Learn how to call the hogs. California: Fleeting Trends Barn.

Colorado: Coors for Kids Day. Connecticut: Yale Barn. Delaware: How to Incorporate in Delaware Barn. Florida: Scary Bugs Exhibit. Georgia: Peach Eating Contest.

Hawaii: Make Your Own Lei. Illinois: Movies Set-In-Chicago Film Festival. Indiana: Hoosier Daddy Dance Contest. Iowa: “The Music Man” staged nightly. Kansas: Toto Barn.

Kentucky: Salute to Secretariat. Louisiana: Experience Even Worse Humidity Barn. Maine: Adopt-a-Lobster Barn. Maryland: Nonstop screenings of “The Wire.” Massachusetts: Colonial Wig Out.

Michigan: Automobile Genealogy Seminar. Minnesota: Mosquito Bite Blowout. Mississippi: Interactive Bluesorama. Missouri: Mark Twain Town. Montana: You Be Custer Barn.

Nebraska: Holographic Feedlot. Nevada: Area 51 Barn. New Hampshire: Live Free or Die Barn ($12 for adults). New Jersey: Bruce Springsteen Barn. New Mexico: I Got Your Enchantment Right Here Barn.

New York: Things You Can’t Afford Barn. North Carolina: The Mayberry Experience. North Dakota: Oil Fields Employment Office. Ohio: Simulated Wright Brothers Bike Shop. Oklahoma: Surrey ride.

Oregon: Clinic on removing Nike tattoos. Pennsylvania: You Be the Groundhog. Rhode Island: Back East Barn. South Carolina: Secede From This Barn. South Dakota: Deadwood Saloon Experience.

Tennessee: Graceland Barn. Texas: Alamo for Kids. Utah: Ski Expo. Vermont: Maple Syrup Barn. Virginia: Ham is for Lovers Hut.

West Virginia: Feuds, Folks ’n’ Fun. Wisconsin: Cheesehead Fashion Show. Wyoming: Play-Doh Devils Tower Challenge.

Today’s Slice question: How many times have you had to work on Labor Day?

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