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The Slice: Join us for the next Big Sky roundtable

Do you remember when Idaho State upset UCLA in the 1977 NCAA basketball tournament?

Let’s move on.

Life in these parts: “I check my yard and my neighbor’s yard for deer before I put bird food out,” wrote Sib Gray.

Role model sought: “My daughters are still in college and high school, and although I don’t anticipate this happening to me anytime soon, I was wondering what your readers think is the best grandma portrayed on TV or in the movies,” wrote Jill Wakeling. “I like to be prepared.”

Split verdicts: Most respondents say they pronounce the name of the Idaho community “Moss-coe,” but some said they say “Moss-cow.”

And several readers said you don’t plant your garden until there is no snow on Mica Peak, not Mount Spokane. But others reported hearing the “Mount Spokane” version of that admonition all their lives.

“If you look at Mount Spokane when it is covered in snow, it appears to be an eagle in flight,” wrote Debbie Wolcott. “Our family never plants anything in the spring until the eagle is gone.”

One way to tell if a person is familiar with the movie “Dr. Strangelove”: If he says he drinks only pure grain alcohol and rain water, you can assume that he knows the film, said John Simanton.

Local street names that would sound good in a song: “Riverside,” said Janet Culbertson.

Trudy Potter suggested “Grand Boulevard.”

And a reader named Rex offered “(Since you left me) I’m heading south on Northwest Boulevard.”

Doubling up (Walla Walla style): Pam Pierson suspects Shakespeare fans might enjoy Othello Othello.

Dana Freeborn likes the sound of Worley Worley.

Michael Banks nominated Salmon La Sac Salmon La Sac.

Dan Lambert said Dusty Dusty or Covello Covello could work.

Ro Lisk proposed Tum Tum Tum Tum.

And Dennis White and Kay Krom said Hay Hay has a ring to it … especially if you go ahead and tack on “We’re the Monkees.”

Today’s Slice question: When you notice birds building nests near your home, what suggestions do you offer?

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