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The Slice: This article will require some thought

Which do you prefer: “Go jump in a lake” or “Go jump in the lake”?

The first choice might not be as popular as the latter. But given our plethora of local options, “a lake” would seem to make more sense hereabouts.

After all, there are plenty of lakes one might jump in.

Of course, if that dismissive directive is uttered in close proximity to a specific body of water, a situational case could be made for the “the lake” construction.

So just use your own best judgment.

When Elvis was in the building: Readers recalled seeing Elvis Presley perform in Spokane 40 years ago this month.

“My mom saw Elvis when he was here the first time (1957), so 40 years ago she made my brother Bob and I go because she felt we had to experience Elvis,” wrote Betsy Lawrence. “We loved it. His charisma reached every corner of the Coliseum.”

Mary Nelson said she and her husband, Randy, newlyweds at the time, were there. “It was a great concert. What cracked me up was seeing the ‘old’ ladies rushing the stage. Now, 40 years later, I am one of those ‘old’ ladies.”

Delores Harvey still has the ticket stub.

Tom Leonard remembers the perfomer’s signature white costume.

And Sherry Lindsey said she remembers Elvis joking that it was the first time he had played in an airplane hangar.

One more note on credit/debit cards and cashiers asking to see I.D.: Last Christmas season Stacie Ketchum’s mom hurt her leg and could not get out and shop. So, armed with one of her mom’s charge cards, Stacie went out to do some Christmas gift-buying for her.

She said that on three different occasions, she was asked to show identification. And though the name on her driver’s license and the name on her mom’s card are not even remotely similar, each inspection culminated with the cashier approving the transaction without comment.

Today’s Slice question: Let’s suppose that when you were a preschooler your parents occasionally outfitted you in apparel adorned with the name and logo of a certain college or a pro sports team. Did you maintain a relationship with that school or franchise when you grew up?

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