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The Slice: Choose wisely before your cavity search

It helps to be prepared.

So in advance of your next dental appointment, you might want to decide what music you’d like to listen to before you are handed headphones.

Trust me. Trying to make a selection on the spot can be like asking “What beers do you have?” at a restaurant that stocks dozens of brands.

Of course, music preference is personal. I understand that. But it wouldn’t hurt to weigh some of the pros and cons.

Today’s Hits: If you are not 11, you might not want to face Justin Bieber and a dental drill.

Country: Depends on the era.

Hip-hop: Only if it takes your mind off the proceedings.

Alternative: Could just remind you of when you were younger and should have been taking better care of your teeth.

Blues: Why not? Misery loves company.

Christian contemporary: If you are an anxious dental patient, this could be just the thing.

Classical: Might remind you to appreciate being alive during this era of modern dentistry.

Comedy: You laughing might not work for the DDS.

Easy listening: Not if, instead of calming you, this makes you feel like an animal caught in a trap.

Jazz: Seems like a good bet.

Latin: Might be hard to keep still.

Love songs: Whatever gets you through the decay scraping.

New age: Begging for more novocaine doesn’t seem especially holistic.

Golden oldies: Time travel could be just the ticket.

R&B: Whip it to me.

Reggae: If it helps you be laid-back about the whole ordeal.

Classic rock: (See “Alternative.”)

Workout music: Would that really help you remain calm and still?

World music: A promising choice – could occasionally divert your attention from the sound of the drill.

Dance: I’m not sure what this is.

Rap: Can’t see this really helping.

Traditional guitar: If you close your eyes, you might float away. (A good thing.)

Bluegrass: My personal recommendation.

Big band: Reflecting on the generation that created this music might help you be brave.

Today’s Slice question: What were the circumstances when you had no choice but to engage in unintoxicated yet utterly unauthorized urban urination?

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