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The Slice: And we thought we’d never revisit grape Nehi

Sat., July 6, 2013, midnight

Here’s an idea for a summer blockbuster movie.

An irascible Spokane grandfather invents a time-travel couch. But he uses it for just one reason.

When he and his two young grandkids are sitting around and wondering what to do, he gets up out of his chair. And he says, “Let’s go back to 1963 and get some soda pops.”

“Yaaaaaaaay!” the kids exclaim.

And off they go to sample the taste of summers past.

Oh, and have a few adventures along the way. But mostly the story would be about the lost magic of real soft drinks.

Just wondering: Who holds the local record for checking on the backyard tomato plants the greatest number of times in one week?

Underappreciated superpowers: 1. The power to see that there are people waiting in line behind you. 2. The power to get to the point. 3. The power to remember who has already heard you tell a certain story.

Now that we have that cleared up: Teresa Vanairsdale overheard someone on a game show ask what TV series would have been the inspiration for a fanzine called Spockanalia.

“My first thoughts were not pretty (Spokane + genitalia), but I guess the fanzine has to do with ‘Star Trek.’ ”

Warm-up question (a summer rerun): What was the Spokane area’s all-time most ostentatious wedding/reception?

Today’s Slice question: We all know that, among young people, traditional dating began to fade away quite a few years ago. Various impromptu forms of getting together, typically arranged via texting or social media, have taken its place. Often it’s more of a group thing. And girls are just as likely as boys to suggest the hang-out possibilities.

No more nervously calling a girl on the phone, running the gauntlet of her parents and then saying, “Hello, Susie? Would you like to play miniature golf with me and my madras shirt Friday night and maybe see a movie?”

So here’s the question.

Who was the last teenage boy in the Inland Northwest to ask a girl out on a date 20th-century style?

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