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The Slice: They’re ripening even as you read this

Fri., July 12, 2013, midnight

Let’s pick a couple of Slice answers off the vine.

Jeanette Cunningham said it would be difficult to tally the number of times her husband, Errol, checks on the tomato plants. It’s a lot. “But what makes this so unusual is that he hates tomatoes or anything made with them but he grows the best ones in all of Spokane.”

Chewelah’s Marilyn Othmer described the schedule at her place. “My husband goes to get the paper and checks the tomatoes, comes back to the house and checks the tomatoes, eats breakfast and checks the tomatoes …”

Feedback on last week’s question re: talking about hot dogs: “It had always been my view that snouts were probably what made hot dogs taste good,” wrote Corey Knadler.

Philosophical differences: “For many years, I mistakenly asked for scoops of Spinoza ice cream instead of spumoni,” wrote Liz Cox. “I was very sure the name started with an ‘S’ and had three syllables. I got a lot of blank stares at Baskin-Robbins.”

Too bad some kid behind the counter didn’t say, “Sorry, we’re out of that – can I get you a scoop of Kierkegaard Berry or Wittgenstein Mash?”

Actors you don’t usually like: “I hate Jim Carrey and in ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,’ I didn’t know it was him,” wrote Patt Earley. “I really like that movie. Next. Short of ‘Risky Business,’ I am not fond of Tom Cruise. In ‘Minority Report,’ I forgot it was him.”

Outlay for golf balls: “When my son was about 15, he said ‘Dad is getting better at golf, he is finding more balls than he is losing,’ ” wrote Ernie Preedy of Spangle. “Now that I am playing a course without water hazards, I spend about $60 for six months.”

When they THINK YOU ARE OLD: Nick Suksdorf’s wife, Patricia, was dealing with a medical office about an appointment scheduled for six months from now . She was asked, “Do you drive in the snow?”

Today’s Slice question: Has living here turned you into someone who prizes convenient parking above everything else in life?

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