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The Slice: Count on the mailbag for memorable moments

Better stand back.

I’m about to dump out a little bit of the Slice mailbag.

Bill Mahaney remembers a Little League game from 63 years ago. “The first time I pitched a no-hit game.”

Dave Neuenschwander recalls his first at-bat about 50 years ago just outside Weippe, Idaho. “I hit a hard liner over shortstop and it rolled past everyone for a home run.”

Terrie Roberts was in her mid-50s when a movie ticket seller who “looked like he was 12” assumed she was 65 or older.

On the other hand, Lois Connery was about to turn 65 when a ticket seller at Riverfront Park’s gondola ride did not believe that she was over 55.

At John Nelson’s home, a frozen pizza or a packaged entrée that has had a lot of bonus ingredients added is said to have been “souped up.”

If Ken Stout had a do-over, he wouldn’t blow up ant hills with firecrackers. “Gee, what murderous little guys we were.”

Sandy Graf wouldn’t let a June bug cause her to freak out and reinjure her back.

Curt Olsen said unintentional experimentation suggests asthma inhalers can survive being in the washing machine.

Jim Clanton has been bitten and stung by all sorts of things, but he said that for “sheer burn-like-crazy pain,” scorpions are the worst.

In the matter of actors Slice readers don’t usually like, Cathy Harris has tended to view Harvey Keitel as a “vile, disgusting pus-bag.”

But she was impressed with his performance in “The Piano.”

And 74-year-old Jerry Hargitt said he has never been addressed as “Mungo Jerry.”

Today’s Slice question: How do atheists react to the sight of Spokane’s landmark churches? A) “To each his own.” B) “Say what you will about its raison d’etre, that’s one hell of a building.” C) “Poor fools.” D) “This just might be Spokane’s finest architectural achievement.” E) “Hey, I can recognize an impressive building when I see it. I just don’t want the state basing policies on angry interpretations of myth and superstition.” F) “I wonder if the people who built that would feel that their dreams were realized in the expressions of love and compassion exhibited by those who worship there.” G) Other.

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