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The Slice: Not even the flux capacitor can turn back this clock

There must be a rift in the space-time continuum.

The little girl next door to us graduates from high school this weekend.

That’s impossible. Just the other day she was 6 years old and chasing her cat in her backyard.

Congratulations, Madison.

More suggestions about what I should have said to the little boy in my neighborhood who asked me if I was a stranger: “Oh son, you have no idea how strange I am.” – Sue Swanson

“We will always be strangers until we introduce ourselves.” – Margaret Everett

Following up: Responses to Sunday’s question about local motorists inappropriately seeking to yield the right of way to bike riders suggest half a dozen conclusions: 1. The behavior of a few bike riders damages the reputation of the entire cycling community. 2. Some motorists are angry about sharing the road with cyclists, regardless of how the bike riders conduct themselves. 3. A lot of drivers don’t realize that they are supposed to treat bike riders like any other vehicle. 4. Some motorists inexplicably seem to imagine that adult bike riders are unfamiliar with what it’s like to drive a car. 5. Some bike riders refuse to acknowledge that cyclists are ever in the wrong. 6. A few people try hard to keep an open mind.

Today’s firefly story: In the mid-’70s, Ken Yuhasz drove from California to Brownsville, Texas, for a wedding. He discovered that Brownsville was home to an abundance of fireflies. “Friends of the bride whom I had driven to the event from L.A. excitedly reacted to the brilliant bugs by saying it looked ‘just like Disneyland.’ ”

Yuhasz still recalls thinking that was unintentionally faint praise for a light show that was 100 percent natural.

Another not-so universal local experience: Russ Wecker has lived here 20 years. “But I still have not been to ‘the lake.’ ”

Brand loyalty: Bruce Burton said referring to blue jeans as anything other than “Levi’s” immediately calls one’s coolness into question.

Wedding presents: Readers remember a few today on The Slice Blog.

Today’s Slice question: The best/worst concerts you ever attended?

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