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The Slice: Our reasons why work does not come first

I don’t know who it is.

But someone in the Inland Northwest is the person who has the work station adorned with the greatest number of family photographs.

Could that be you?

True or false: The end of the school year can be like the end of a long airline flight in that you relax and find yourself talking to people to whom you had not previously said a word.

Just wondering: Is it a good commercial if you are briefly entertained but cannot remember what was being sold?

Maybe you have seen the one I have in mind. It’s the commercial where a rather slight teenage boy strides into a prom or some such gathering and plants a serious kiss on a pretty girl. Her date, a strapping lad, objects. But the girl, as girls often are in make-believe, is bedazzled. And when we see the kiss-delivering youth driving away — now sporting a black eye, he is smiling.

I like it, but it’s always wise to remember what Lou Grant said about spunk.

Your thoughts?

Thanks so much for the reminder: Last week Jody Hamilton was doing a crossword puzzle in USA Today when she found herself needing a five-letter word. The clue was something along the lines of “Wichita State’s win over Gonzaga and others.”

The answer? “Upset,” of course.

“UGHHH,” wrote Hamilton in her email to The Slice.

Well said.

Back on the DL: It turns out that one reason my shoulder has been feeling better is I have not been throwing a baseball. So thanks to those who expressed interest in reviving a 2004 Slice reader-interactivity experience by playing catch with me this summer. But I’m one and done this time around and am going to need a rain check. Let’s give it another nine years.

Warm-up questions: “Dazed and Confused” turns 20 this year. Did that set-in-1976 movie reflect the reality of the end of the school year as you remember it?

“American Graffiti” turns 40 this year. Did that set-in-1962 movie reflect the reality of the end of summer as you remember it?

Today’s Slice question: What would be the 2013 Spokane definition of “outside agitator”?

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