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The Slice: Start with a helping of the O’Slice

Sun., March 17, 2013

So go ahead and stick an O’ in front of your last name today.

How does it sound?

If your last name already starts that way, try it with your middle name.

What high profile Inland Northwest personality has a last name that best lends itself to this one-day modification?

Remembering smoking in the workplace: Lots of Slice readers said they did. No surprise there, I suppose.

But Patsy Wood’s recollection stood out. “My boss smoked a pipe in his office, which was just off my office. He regularly cleaned out his pipe into his trash can and on many occasions started a fire. Scared the dickens out of me the first few times but it soon became commonplace.”

Peggy Ackerman recalls her doctor smoking while consulting with her.

Harold Hepner also remembers when coffee in vending machines was 12 cents and the machines accepted pennies and gave them as change.

Slice answer: “Judging from all the woofing and paw twitching, our dogs Bobby and Marty dream about chasing squirrels,” wrote Rick Cox. “I hope they are more successful catching dream squirrels than they are real squirrels.”

A mailing list two decades old: The folks in Wisconsin who publish a magazine called American Track & Field were kind enough to send a copy of their “Cross-Country Yearbook” to The Spokesman-Review.

But it’s addressed to Jess Walter. He hasn’t worked at the newspaper for about 20 years. And it was even longer ago that he was connected to the S-R sports department.

Maybe the good people at AT&F know that. Perhaps they hope someone here will forward the yearbook to Walter, now a celebrated author, and encourage him to use the yearbook as the basis for a novel.

Today’s Slice question: You might have heard about bars and nightclubs in larger cities that feature a dozen or 20 pingpong tables as an attraction. Maybe that would work here. I don’t know. But perhaps you can think of a fresh theme that might be a better fit for a Spokane leisure venue.

Cocktails and machetes? Pizza and camping? Live comedy and concealed carry? Medicinal pot and putting greens?

You make the call.

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